About Us

Established in 1994, Leadership Collierville is an outgrowth of the State of Tennessee Three-Star Community Economic Preparedness Program. It is a non-profit, non-partisan community-based organization which provides participants insights into how Collierville functions by hosting educational training sessions to assist members in developing leadership skills to become better informed citizens.

Our adult program runs from September to May and offers monthly education and training sessions on the Collierville community, including government, diversity, education, business and economics, and much more. The men and women selected each year represent a diverse cross-section of the Collierville community.

We also offer a youth program – Youth Leadership Collierville – which is a seven-month program for sophomore and junior high school students living in Collierville, who attend public, private schools or are home-schooled.

We are proud members of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Collierville.

Executive Director – Emily Pilkinton

Board of Trustees  

President - Jennifer Bennett
President Elect - Dustey Walley
Adult Program - Carrie Moore
Youth Program - Tim Netherton
Secretary - Tasha Holmes
Finance - Alexis Heinz
Liese Leonard
Matt Morgan
Monica Weber
Nancy Huddleston
Melissa Reed
Kimberlee Anthony
Joe Lee Rape
Rick Taylor
Pansy Hall
Charles Brasfield
Morgan Burton
Patrick Crider
Cort Winswett
Kyle Grasso